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Ouachita Cherokee
AKA Petitioner 191
Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri

Dutch ~ Chief of the Cherokee Nation West

Clan Mothers


Click Here to read a message for the Deer Clan Family.

Below is a message from Lyn of the Otters' Drum Circle:

All of my life, I have been drawn to the old ways of living. The mountains called, and I moved to the Ouachita Mountains over 30 years ago. Living off of the power line, we hunted, raised a large garden, and put up all of our meat and vegetables. After many tries, I learned to tan hides, cook on a wood stove, sew on a treadle sewing machine, and do bead work. I loved living this way. Everything was so simple and uncomplicated. I love to cook outside over the campfires, ride our horses through the mountains, and swim in the creeks.

Through the years, my family has brought me much peace. We shared and learned together instead of spending our time with TV. We spent a lot of time making things from natural materials. That grew on me, and Creator helped me through the years to make everything from dream catchers to pow wow drums, buck skin clothing, and jewelry.

During these years, we logged. We sawed those logs into lumber and built custom homes for folks in our area. Over the years, my husband and I hand built more than 25 log or lumber homes.

Today, my life has not changed much except we are now on the power line. We all love spending time playing in these beautiful mountains!

My Cherokee heritage has always been with me, guiding my ways. Sometimes I wonder if it is what has drawn me to the mountains all my life.

I am a member of the Mena Art Gallery, an Elder in the Otters' Drum Circle for 16+ years, and an Elder in the Ouachita Cherokee of the Cherokee Nation West. My work is available at the Four Winds Trading Post in Mena, AR. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Motto to live by is to:

Walk as tall as the trees, Live as strong as the mountains, Be as gentle as the spring rains, Keep the warmth of the Son in your heart, And the Great Spirit will always be with you! Wado!! Lyn